Til Death Do Us Part

“Til death do us part”. A phrase we’ve all heard and know well. The thing is, how many newlyweds actually expect this to be their reality before they’ve had the chance to grow old and gray together? Not many.

Although most couples do get to enjoy a long, blessed life together, there are many who share a different story. Sadly, unforeseen and unexpected events permanently and prematurely disrupted their time together, and life as they knew it came to a sudden end. They never imagined this would be their story, and yet, it became their reality.

To complicate the pain of such a situation as losing your spouse suddenly or unexpectedly, there are many other considerations to make regarding all the ‘paperwork’ involved such as insurance policies, last wishes, trusts and wills, financial securities, and more. What can you do today that would ease the pain and sorrow of such an event? What affairs can you prioritize and put in order now so that when the time comes, whenever that may be, the things that are most important to you and your spouse are already resolved and prepared for?

Oftentimes, we put off these sorts of preparations because we think we have more time. “I’ll do that later ”…“I’ll get to that at some point” and “I’ll get around to that” are all common sentiments when it comes to setting up life insurance policies, wills, and trusts. While it is in our nature to delay these sorts of details, it’s time to shift our thinking so that we are not leaving our families to struggle more than necessary once we are gone.

Most of us will be fortunate enough to cherish a long life with our spouses, however we can never be certain. For those who want to ensure that their loved ones will not have to worry about all the headaches that come along with post life arrangements, there are steps that can be taken today to plan and prepare in advance. As heartbreaking as it may be to think about, there is a great sense of peace and comfort knowing that your affairs are in order and that your spouse will not be burdened by additional stress. Thanks to your thoughtful planning, your loved ones will have the gift of grieving without the added burden of sorting out all the details after the fact. It is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give.