Til Death Do Us Part

The timeless vow, “Til death do us part,” is a phrase familiar to us all. Yet, how many newlyweds genuinely anticipate it becoming their reality before they have the chance to grow old together, gray-haired and content? The truth is, not many.

While most couples do indeed savor a long and blessed life side by side, there are others whose stories take a different, and often tragic, turn. Unexpected and unforeseen events can abruptly disrupt their time together, shattering the life they once knew. They never envisioned such a fate, but it becomes their harsh reality.

Adding to the agony of losing a spouse suddenly or unexpectedly is the daunting array of practical matters that must be addressed: insurance policies, final wishes, trusts, wills, financial security, and more. So, what can you do today to ease the anguish of such a situation? How can you prioritize and organize your affairs so that when the inevitable happens, whenever that may be, the things dearest to you and your spouse are already settled and prepared for?

Often, we procrastinate on these preparations because we believe we have time on our side. Phrases like “I’ll do that later,” “I’ll get to that at some point,” and “I’ll get around to that” are all too common when it comes to setting up life insurance policies, wills, and trusts. While it’s only natural to delay these details, it’s time we shift our mindset to ensure we don’t leave our loved ones struggling unnecessarily once we’re gone.

Most of us will be fortunate enough to share a long and happy life with our spouses, but certainty eludes us. For those who wish to guarantee that their loved ones won’t bear the burden of post-life arrangements, there are steps to take today to plan and prepare ahead of time. As difficult as it may be to contemplate, there’s profound peace and comfort in knowing your affairs are in order and your spouse won’t be saddled with additional stress. Thanks to your thoughtful planning, your loved ones will have the solace of grieving without the added weight of sorting out the details afterward. It’s one of the most precious gifts you can give.