Coping Through the Pain

One of the most difficult thoughts for people to have when they think about their death is the thoughts of their loved ones. Many people worry about how their families’ lives will be impacted, how they will cope through their pain, and how they will move forward in life. While we can’t know the answers to these questions, we can take action now to offer words of encouragement for when the time comes.

While it may seem premature to start planning for the end, the reality is that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Although most of us will live a long and full life, we simply cannot take that for granted.

A beautiful way to ensure that your loved ones will continue to “hear” from you after you’re gone is to leave in place a collection of digital files. This may include videos, emails, and journals where your family can see and/or hear from you as though you were still present. You may wish to prepare messages for special occasions, offer words of encouragement, wisdom, or any other sentiment that you want.

What a gift that would be to those who love and will miss you most. Oftentimes, when we lose a loved one, we are left to assume what they would have said, thought, or done during certain situations or special moments. By leaving behind personalized messages, you are removing any doubt about your thoughts and wishes. Knowing that your loved ones can access your words after you’re gone is priceless.

Once we leave this life, there is no guarantee on how our families will move forward in their pain. While some may process their grief immediately following a loss, for others, it can be an unpredictable experience. For these loved ones, your departure may impact them most during momentous occasions. You have the ability to ease the pain during some of life’s most precious moments by offering your words of encouragement.

While grief is to be expected, your carefully crafted messages to your loved ones will surely bring a sense of comfort and peace. Your spirit and presence will live on in the hearts of those who love you most. Your family will have the ability to access your presence for as long as they desire. Your words will impact and inspire others in ways you cannot imagine. What an amazing gift to leave behind.