The Only Two Certainties in Life

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes”. While these may not be the most inspiring words to hear, we can all agree to its truth. There are those who will do everything to avoid facing this inescapable reality but at some point, death and taxes are inescapable realities for all of us.

How we look at our mortality really determines how we live our lives. Are we avoiding the thought of it because we’re afraid of death? Is it too difficult to imagine the pain our absence would have on our loved ones? Are we refusing to acknowledge the fact that one day, our time will come, whether we are ready or not?

When we are able to come to terms with our limited time on earth, we can walk through each day with the awareness and gratitude of that day, and in the process, show others how to do the same. In addition, we can take some measures to prepare so that when the time comes, our families will not be burdened with the task of sorting out details involving last will and trust, various policies, and all other pertinent paperwork that must be addressed. When we take the time to plan ahead for the uncertain future, we are filled with a deeper sense of peace and comfort knowing that our loved ones will be provided for long after we’re gone. What are your wishes for your family once you are no longer around? How would you like to see them enjoy life? What can you do today to ensure this vision for your family?

By putting your affairs in order now, you are establishing your legacy. Taking the time to ensure a smooth transition for your loved ones will make a lasting impression and will be more impactful than you can imagine.

When all is said and done, it is those we love most who should serve as the encouragement and inspiration for planning and preparing all of those final loose ends before it’s too late. You can imagine the emotional state that your loved ones will be in when enduring your loss. By taking these few extra steps, you can rest assured that there will not be additional burdens during their time of grief. Instead, they can focus on cherished memories while also learning their own next steps in life. Look at it as a future gift that you can secure now. You will be so happy that you did and your family, forever grateful.