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At myLife, we believe that true peace of mind comes from the preparation and organization of our affairs. Our mission is to help alleviate the stress and burdens that are often placed on our loved ones during times of crisis.

To fulfill our belief, we are dedicated to addressing the critical need for comprehensive end-of-life planning. Our innovative features are thoughtfully crafted to guide individuals in preparing for the inevitable, ensuring peace of mind.

Our document library consists of legal documents meticulously prepared by RocketLawyer’s legal experts and included as part of subscription. With our secure cloud vault, members can conveniently store vital documents and digital assets in a centralized, easily reachable location. Furthermore, members have the option to designate a trustee who will be granted access to their account upon their passing, alleviating their loved ones from the often overwhelming and emotionally charged task of organizing crucial documents and media.

To ensure the highest level of security, all sensitive data is protected with https certificate and SHA-256 with RSA encryption. With myLife, members can draft and schedule email messages with optional voice or video attachments to be delivered in the future. myLife believes that when people die the memories they’ve created over a lifetime should live on — those memories can be shared and keep one’s memory alive.