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Do you ever think about your final farewell? And have you ever discussed this with anyone? It is not a common topic of conversation. Still, it can be good to make your final wishes known. Not just for yourself, but for your loved ones as well.

You can record all this in the wishes section. Indicate what music you want for your burial or cremation, what type of flowers you prefer and whether you want your funeral to be somber or festive.

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Peace of mind is not knowing the future, but being prepared for it…

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"God willing, I don’t plan on leaving this world anytime soon. But when I do my husband would have no idea where anything is. He leaves all the bills and details up to me. I signed up for myLife because it will be easier on him and me when my time is up on this Earth."
Josephine B.
"I didn’t want to think about it. Signing up for something like this would have never happened years ago, but the events of the past few years have made me see things a little differently. Anything can happen and life is fragile. I just wanted to make sure I have things in order. Doing this actually helped me stop thinking about do it. "
Marvin J.
"We have been thinking about doing something like this for some time, but couldn’t find the right way to do it. What really sold us on myLife was the ability to add the Admin. Our daughter was very happy with being assigned our Admin. She’s a control freak."
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence