Reconnect with your Beloved

After the passing of a loved one, many families find themselves doing what they can to reconnect with their beloved by sifting through memories of the past. Oftentimes, these memories come in the form of photos, greeting cards, letters, and videos. Rarely are these things purposely created for after death purposes. Instead, these momentos are ongoing evidence of a life enjoyed and embraced.

What would it be like to begin keeping a journal specifically with the intent of your loved ones having access to it when you are no longer here? How would it impact your family to hear some of your deepest thoughts and words of wisdom? What special things can you leave them in written form?

In addition to other forms of media, including video and email, there is also the option of keeping a digital journal that will be made available to your loved ones once you have departed. Whatever you choose to record in your journal can be referenced to as often as desired and will likely inspire your family in many ways and for years to come. Family members can be comforted by reading your words together, sharing them with others, reproducing and repurposing parts that they find especially encouraging or inspiring, and beginning a tradition of new sorts.

We live in a time where we have unlimited options for just about everything. Though life comes to an end at some point, it’s important to consider how life will go on for those we leave behind. How will their lives be impacted by our departure? What solace can they find in the things that remain of us? By taking the time now, before it’s too late, we have the opportunity to put in place tools for comfort, ease, and peace for our families during a painful and difficult time in their lives.

Maybe you’ve never considered a tool such as journaling, especially with the purpose of leaving for your family after you’ve left this earth. Maybe it excites and inspires you or maybe it makes you a bit sad to think about. Either way, if you keep your focus on doing what you can now to bring words of comfort, love, and hope to those who love and will miss you most, that might be enough to get you started. Your words will serve as a powerful source of strength and comfort and will also be a great and lasting legacy.