Put your Post-Life Affairs in Order

One of the greatest gifts you can offer your loved ones before you pass is to arrange the details of your estate so that they don’t have to. For many families, this can be a complicated and sensitive process, however it does not have to be this way.

Why should anyone take the time now to put their post-life affairs in order? Again, life is unpredictable for all of us. We simply never know when our time will come. By organizing important details, such as life insurance, financial documents, and other important information, you are ensuring that everything is in order for your loved ones to easily access and retrieve during a deeply painful and difficult time. By having everything in one place, you are minimizing stress for your family. Oftentimes, during a loss, family members are moving through a thick haze of grief, and if you can help them to get through this time by preparing in advance, you are giving one of the greatest gifts you will ever give.

There are those who think it is bad luck to prepare for their eventual departure before they know for certain that that time is upon them. In reality, “that time” is upon each of us every day. Aside from living a brash or reckless life, there is nothing we can do to control the timing of our last day. We do have the control to decide now what experience our loved ones will have once that time comes. What impact will your departure have on your family? What details will they need to know and be able to access immediately after? How easy will it be for them to find what they need in order to make the necessary arrangements? These are all questions to consider now and use as a guide in making preparations.

Is planning for our death fun? Of course not. Is it important? Very. When we take the steps to organize our affairs on behalf of our families, we are expressing our love and concern for them during one of their most vulnerable times in life. Obviously, we will not be around to worry about the details but we can rest assured knowing that our loved ones will not have the added burden of figuring it all out on their own. That is a gift.