Last Will

Writing a Will is not difficult. You can make a Will online easily using our document interview. Our template (Powered by Rocket Lawyer) incorporates all the legal language with your information to create a Will suitable for your state.

Protect your future so you can fully enjoy the present.

  • Make your wishes known to your loved ones
  • Choose a person to settle your affairs on your behalf
  • Decide who will receive your asset and when
  • Appoint a guardian for your children


Imagine if you had to say goodbye to your loved ones right now. Have you said everything you wanted to say? We often do not show someone how much we truly love them, how much we admire a certain person or how valuable a friendship is to us.

Email Messages allow you to write farewell messages and leave them for your loved ones. You can tell people what they meant to you, send a final goodbye, relive old memories or thank someone. You are also able to change or remove these messages at any time.

Most common emotion people express when they are close to the end of their life is regret: regret that they never took the time to mend broken friendships and relationships; regret that they never told their friends and family how much they care; regret that they are going to be remembered by their children as hypercritical mothers or authoritarian fathers. That is why myLife A.D. allows you to send an email to all those people to whom you think it is necessary to say something. myLife A.D. emails can be used to:

  • Acknowledging important people in your life
  • Remembering treasured moments
  • Apologizing to those you may have hurt
  • Forgiving those who have hurt you
  • Saying “thank you” “I love you” and “goodbye.”


While these may seem intuitive, many people do not express these feelings before they die, leaving their family members and friends with unanswered questions and regret.

To avoid this, we recommend writing the emails when you are coherent and healthy enough to do so. Once you register the emails, we save them in your account. You can delete or rewrite the emails at any time. Your emails are not sent until after you have passed away. You can schedule an email to be sent out upon death or schedule an email to be sent at a future date. To protect the privacy of your emails, your admin will only be able to send them. They cannot see the contents of the emails nor who they are addressed to.


Do you ever think about your final farewell? And have you ever discussed this with anyone? It is not a common topic of conversation. Still, it can be good to make your final wishes known. Not just for yourself, but for your loved ones as well. You can record all this in the wishes section. Indicate what music you want for your burial or cremation, what type of flowers you prefer and whether you want your funeral to be sober or festive.

Why would you write your own Obituary?

It’s not as bad as you might think…
It’s an opportunity to reflect on your life, your accomplishments (and foibles), your passions and your quirks. What you think people love about you or what you want this world to remember about you. It’s a tough assignment for sure, but why not start a working document that you can edit throughout your life? Perhaps something is missing..

You’ve always wanted to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, learn to play an instrument or buy a vintage car. Perhaps you write that you love dancing, but you rarely do it anymore. For many of us, there’s still time! Writing your Obituary helps you take stock of your life.

Your loved ones will thank you…
Pulling together an Obituary after someone you love dies is no easy feat. Writing an Obituary is cathartic. It’s important to tell your loved one’s stories. Writing an Obituary helps the grieving process, but it’s a lot of work. You’ve got to track down a resume, find dates and other essential facts.

Ideally you should be thoughtful, eloquent and maybe even funny.All while you’re grieving and planning a funeral, memorial and preferably within 72 hours. If you are able to prepare a draft of your Obituary, it will help your family members (who are) in the early stages of grief.

You get the last word…
Unless you’re a celebrity or a published author, the obituary really is the last word about you. Writing your (own) Obituary guarantees that you’re in control of what those words say.

Video Messages

Create your date based video message and obtain peace of mind that your loved one will receive your message on the future date that you designated.

We allow you to store messages and set recipients who should be sent the link to your video on your designated date and time.

Why and who should you send a video message?

Everyone has a story to tell. Once you’re gone, no one will tell or hear your stories. If you leave video memory behind, your friends and family will feel as though a part of you is still with them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to congratulate your daughter on her wedding day or to say Happy Anniversary to your wife/husband? To tell your son how much you respect and admire the man (that) he has become? Video allows the essence of your being to continue on after your passing. This video is priceless gift you’re able to leave behind for your family.

myLife A.D. allows users to record video messages and select who will receive them after they pass away. The videos are stored in their account storage and are only sent to recipients upon their death or a specified date.

It has become more common that people are recording videos of themselves or their loved ones thanks to (the use of) smart phones. Recording video to be shown or sent after your death is not out of the norm. These videos can be powerful ways to both say “goodbye” or leave a lasting video legacy.

Text Messages

Text messages are used by youth and adults for personal, family, business and social purposes. Texting is also used to communicate very brief messages, such as informing someone that you will be late or reminding a friend or colleague about a meeting. As with e-mail, informality and brevity have become an accepted part of text messaging.

Virtual Vault

Use our high security v-Vault to save important documents, bank and insurance details, pictures and videos. Every item you save in the v-Vault you can assign a nominee with who this information will be shared with after your death.

Secured Wallets - No More Worry

Use our high-security v-Vault to save important documents, bank and insurance details, pictures and videos. Every item you save in the v-Vault you can assign a nominee who will share this information after your death.

Keep Your Secrets Secret

We understand that security takes many forms and privacy is just one. When you save your items in v-Vault, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your items are safe from accidents, natural disasters, or hardware failure. Redundant storage of your information is critical and myLife A.D. has you covered. Our privacy settings allow you to control who sees what and when!

My Journal

Journal writing is a highly personal activity that allows you to explore your innermost thoughts. Writing gives us an opportunity to reflect on and better understand our (own) behaviours, emotions, fears, accomplishments and dreams. This Journal is an excellent coping tool for managing grief, as well as other complicated emotions.

Writing a Journal is cathartic and can do wonders for your health. Regular writing is known to help reduce stress, manage anxiety, improve your mood and give you a greater sense of overall emotional well-being and happiness.


Manage ALL your account passwords in a secure central location. Hand off your password manager to a trusted person, to ensure the accounts are not lost.

Simply save usernames and respective passwords with total assurance of its confidentiality and security.

Admin Access

Our platform allows you to assign an Admin who can take over your account after your death, ensuring that your account is in trusted hands to carry out your final wishes.

We also allow you to control what your Admin can do with your account and whether they should be able to initiate any emails from your account or not. You have the ability to add multiple Admins and you control what they have access to in your account.

Document Library

The library is a collection of legal documents focused on end-of-life remembrance and planning. Each document is available to members for purchase at an affordable price and created by legal counsel through RocketLawyer.