Why and who should you send a video message?

Everyone has a story to tell. Once you’re gone, your stories can no longer be told. If you leave video memory behind, your friends and family will feel as though a part of you is still with them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to congratulate your daughter on her wedding day? To say Happy Anniversary to your wife/husband? To tell your son how much you respect and admire the man that he has become? Video allows the essence of your being to continue on after your passing. This is a priceless gift you’re able to leave behind for your family.

myLife A.D. allows users to record video messages and select who will receive them after they pass away. The videos are stored in your account storage and are only sent to recipients upon your death or a specified date.

It has become more common that people are recording videos of themselves or their loved ones thanks to the use of smart phones. Recording video to be shown or sent after your death is not out of the norm. These videos can be powerful ways to both say “goodbye” or leave a lasting video legacy.